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Influencer marketing is the next best way to get your product in front of the eyes of consumers. Except, the problem is most businesses aren't choosing the right influencers. Unfortunately, they often choose less-than-optimal candidates and don't see the ROA that they hoped for. When it comes to this new form of marketing, it's absolutely necessary to choose highly-relevant influencers for your target audience.


Influencer Marketing Stats


Influencers in the Enclave and Key network

6.5 : 1

Average ROA of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Source: Tomson


Less Expensive CPM using the Enclave and Key Influencer Network than through traditional advertising


Our Approach

At Enclave and Key, we custom-tailor influencer marketing campaigns directly for our clients' industries. Our CEO Blake Wynn has deep ties within the influencer space because of his prior success on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The connections he made have allowed Enclave and Key to expand its network to over 2,000 influencers, including professional athletes, models, musicians, podcasters, and more. As a result, we produce highly-tailored and supremely-effective influencer marketing campaigns that no other agency can replicate.

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As a startup company we were very confused and in the dark about how we should go about marketing our product, until we got connected with Enclave. They helped us reach out and connect with influencers who helped market our product and make it successful. Their team is very attentive to detail and cares about their clients. Couldn’t recommend them enough!


Craig Yarde

Founder of Fantasy Sneaker League

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